Where are we headed?”

Link was about to tell her, but then “Starway to Heaven” came on the radio, and they had to stop talking.

It was the only rule of the Beater.

Love this!

There is a time beyond mountains and men

when our six-faced moon must rise.

If you call me,I will come to you then,

And our six-headed hourse will ride.

Though Sixteen Moons began our thread,

And Ninteen Moons must end us,

Let us always be Bound by the Southern Star,

And when in grave danger-

Send us.

The fight was as exhilarating as the kiss.As the kiss might have been,she reminded herself.

She closed her eyes.

Kiss me.

I want you to want to kiss me…

He brought his lips to hers… closer and closer.

Now his eyes were shut.

"This is for you", she whispered,her voice as low and husky as his has been moments before. "So you never forget. My name is Ridley Duchannes,and nobody tells me what to do. If I want you to kiss me, believe me, you’ll want to kiss me."


Books & Cupcakes Photo Challenge

Day 6 - Favourite Series

The Caster Chronicles by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

I just love this series so much and Link is one of my all time favourite characters too!

Love this!


"The new girl looked up and caught me watching her. I looked away, but it was too late. I tried not to smile, but I was embarrassed, and that only made me smile more. She didn’t seem to notice."
Beautiful Creatures, A Hole in the Sky